It all starts with the right team.

The Mezo Team

Mezo is different. We are passionate about building a more sustainable future. We have expert knowledge in complex systems analysis and adaptive management. Our modelling tools simulate real-world scenarios, run real-time experiments that account for uncertainty, and adapt to changing conditions.

Mezo is part of the Australian Government ‘DataStart’ program, a partnership between the
Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet, CSIRO Data61, and Pollenizer.

Dr Athol Whitten

Dr Athol Whitten is CEO of Mezo Research. As a modeller and data analyst, Athol has worked on a range of management and modelling problems for state and federal Governments in Australia and the USA. His major research interests relate to the use of modelling and data analysis for the management of resources. Athol serves on the editorial board of the international scientific journal Natural Resource Modeling.

Dr Michael Smith

Dr Michael Smith is Chief Technology Officer at Mezo Research. He is an internationally recognised expert in the area of complex systems modelling. He has a background in engineering and computer programming, and has helped pioneer the development of simulation models to support ecosystem-based management in Australia and South Africa.

Simone Stuckey

Simone Stuckey is Chief Operations Officer at Mezo Research. She has extensive experience in government policy and resource management, working with local and state Governments as a policy adviser for the Municipal Association of Victoria. She holds a BSc (Hons) and an MBA. She was awarded an Australian Government scholarship to study Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Denmark.

Dr John Ford

Dr John Ford is Product Manager at Mezo Research. He is a renowned expert in the marine world and has extensive experience in seafood sustainability. John has worked with the Sustainable Australian Seafood Assessment Program, and assessed fisheries under the Marine Stewardship Council standard. He is regularly called upon to present on marine issues on TV and radio.